Additional Services

Photo Merging for Panoramic Photos

Please see Panaromic Photos for more information.

Photo Retouching

We can enhance and/or retouch in more ways than you can imagine. Here's a small list;

  • Facial Beauty Retouching for that perfect skin
  • HDR photo merging
  • "Airbrushing" out objects (or people)
  • Adding a sky in
  • Sepia or other similar toning
  • BW conversion
  • Distortion control

For information on restoring old photos, please see, Photo Restoration.

Copies of final image files

$5.00 if emailed, per order.

Please let us know your maximum size your email account can handle. Generally, this is only good for less than 20MB.

$15.00 per CD, does not include shipping if ordered after print order has shipped.

Certificates of Authenticity

Use for limited edition runs, or for needs where the print and printer information is required.

$10 per set-up, $2.00 each thereafter..