Photo Scanning Services

Preserving special photos with a digital file helps insure they will last for generations, through fire or flood, and even if the dog eats it!

Photo Scanning Pricing

We generally scan for 15-24 Megapixels.

Slides, Negatives or Prints under 8"x10": $15.00 each
if heavy textured paper or shows rips or cracks: $25.00 each

Prints over 8" x 10", but under 11" x 14": $25.00 each

Prints 11" tall or less and longer than 14": $15.00 plus $10.00 for every 6" inches over 14"
11" x 30" would be $15 + (3 x $10) = $45.00

For larger images:

Digital Capture via Camera: $85 set up + $ 25.00 / image


Minimum scanning order, with or without printing is $25.00

Includes archived image (on file at Sullivan+Wolf for at least 2 years), 5 minute image clean up, contrast, color and density correction (additional image clean-up or enhancement is available at $20 per quarter hour).

Note: Certain colors from paintings may not reproduce properly due to the pigments used.

Quantity Scanning

Do you have one or more carousels of slides, a wedding album, or a bunch of photos?

After about 15 images, we tend to go with straight time at $60/hour. On average, that's about $8-12.00 per image scanned and with basic correction. $3-6+ per image if not corrected (auto color and exposure from scanner only, good for basic archiving)

For very large collections, you may want to consider aquiring your own scanner and using me to train you. Please inquire.


* Includes approximately 5 minutes of work, which could include color and tone correction, basic spot removal, sharpeness filter.