Giclee Prints for Fine Artists

As many of you know, we've been doing Giclee prints for
illustrations and paintings for a few years now.

And we still do!

While the site is more dedicated, and talks more about photography,
we are well able to reproduce art and have done so for some respected artists.

At this point in time, we are only offering up 13" x 19" prints on non-coated paper like Watercolor or Cold/Hot Press papers.

For watercolor and other paint mediums

Due to the nature of reproducing pigments used in these mediums, we strongly recommend that we do a Pro grade level of service. This is especially true for small edition runs and there can be a possibility that additional proofs may be required.

Of course, if we have already printed the file, regular or quick grades should suffice.

For digital artists

Often, our regular or quick grade will be fine. We recommend RGB, but CMYK is OK. You can download the latest drivers at Epson for the 4800 for your particular OS.

Remember, we still recommend a proof when ordering quantities.

Some Featured Artists

Bob Staake
Mac Titmus
Fred Nold