Printing Old Family Photos

Printing precious old photographs is a special reward for us. We know how important these pictures are. We can't tell you how many times people have been amazed and how good we feel when their (and our) eyes get a bit watery when seeing what we've done.

It is important to note that many old color photos are printed with dyes which fade over a few decades. (Our prints are pigment based and do not fade as quickly). Photos earlier than the eighties are already in jeapordy and you may wish to review our photo restoration services.

FAQs on Printing Old Photos

We can print any size you want (up to our print size limit).
In the order form, you may have to select the smallest size and then in the comments, tell us the final image size you wish. If emailing us the order, do the same.

Regular Service does allow us a small amount of time for restoration.
If not in too bad a shape, you may not need our photo restoration services. This often includes tone correction, minor retouching, color correction, and/or conversion to Black and White and possibly a mono tone or duo tone conversion.

Quick Service does not allow for any real restoration. Basic tone and color correction only.

We CAN scan images for you.
See our additional photo printing services.

We usually recommend Luster or Semi-matte paper surfaces. Exhibition Fiber, a deluxe glossy paper with a light texture is available at additional cost.

Emailing us an order.
Using the contact form, please get in touch with us and describe your needs/order. We will proivide instructions from there. Large orders, say over 5 images are usually best done this way. When you and us are in agreement on the job requirements, we will email you an invoice from PayPal.

Getting the final file.
Often, just ask and we'll supply you the final file in JPEG via email. We're supposed to charge $5/image for this, but, we usually don't on larger orders.

Brian Sullivan, Owner, at age 4