Photo Restoration

Restoring precious old photographs is a special reward for us. We know how important these pictures are. We can't tell you how many times people have been amazed and how good we feel when their (and our) eyes get a bit watery when seeing what we've done.

It is important to know that color photos are printed with dyes which fade over a few decades. (Our prints are pigment based and do not fade as quickly). Photos earlier than the eighties are already in jeopardy.

There are many reasons to have your old photos preserved and restored.
  • A special event or family photo that is extremely important.
  • There's only one copy and if it were lost, it would be gone forever.
  • If old age isn't getting to them, an unforeseen disaster may take them away.

When we receive your photos they are scanned and the originals are kept safe in our archives. All the retouching is done on the computer so your original is never in danger of being adversely affected by the restoration process.

Our restoration service includes:
  • scanning
  • retouching
  • electronic proof via email
  • prints are additional

Most photos can be reasonably restored in our 20 minute minimum order for $20. Naturally, others can take longer. It depends on the amount of damage and how far we need to take it. We currently charge $60/hour.

How To Order

If local to the Plymouth, NH area, we suggest you bring the photos in. We will provide a receipt for you and can sum up what we can do, and what it will cost.

Otherwise, PLEASE USE FEDEX TO DELIVER THEM TO US. FedEx is the only one we trust. Over 30 years of using them, they have by far, shown to be the most reliable carrier. We have had success with USPS and UPS. If using USPS, please use our PO Box.

Package them well! We recommend that the be in a ziploxk bag with sturdy cardboard. Foodsaver bags work well too. The point being to make sure they are not affected by moisture or bending.

Do add extra insurance, and opt for email delivery messages for delivery. I recommend that you have it so we need to sign for it, as opposed to just delivery by the door, which by the way, is inside the building in a fairly secure area. Make sure that you include inside the package your name, shipping address, email, and phone number. It's good in case something happens in transit, and we need to get in touch with you.

Upon receipt, we will immediately evaluate the photo(s) and reply back to you via email on what we can do, and what it will cost..

In all cases, please remove the photos from any frame, mat, or scrap book page. Otherwise, extra charges will occur, and, we may opt not to even touch it due to liability.

Restoration Examples

Old Color Photos

This photo is so typical of what we see from photos of the sixties and the seventies. Color fading has occurred and the dreaded "Blotch" which is dye damage caused by the acid or other contaminates on peoples fingers.

Click to enlarge
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Classic Example of Image Breakdown

Loss of color and the Yellow Blotch, caused from acids on your fingers eating away at the photo.
(Note: This photo was originally printed on a textured paper about 3" x 3")


Approximate retouching time, 1 hour.
final image size 11"x 14" at 250 dpi

Color Restoration Example

This treasured old photo lost most of its cyan and a lot of its yellow dye leaving a magenta/red cast. A common occurrence of photos 40 something years old. Removing the "cast" shows an image that is fairly monotone. We went in and "hand colored" skin tones, grass, tree, outfits painstakingly. At times using natural colors from other photos. In a way, similar to colorizing a BW photo with transparent paints as was done in the old days. This can be very time consuming. We also removed the textured pattern as it was printed on a heavy texture paper. (Why we do not like printing on canvas by the way.) A further complication was that this was a fairly small photo, the original was only 400 x 600 pixels.

Cast Removed

Approximate retouching time, 1.5 hours.
final image size 7"x 10" at 105 dpi

Old Black and White Photos

This is typical of older black and white photos. Cracks and other damage, yellowing of paper (not shown here as we scanned in grayscale), and even fading, in this case, extreme fading.

As with all photos we restore, this one was especially precious. The photo is of a good friend who has passed along when he was a child. This was probably taken 60 years ago.